Why Buy a Travel Trailer?

Trying to narrow down your RV options? It can be difficult, especially given the wide range of RV types that you’ll have to choose from. It’s good to know what the benefits of each group are so you can be sure you’re getting the best rig for your family. This is why Athens RV has provided you with a few reasons to choose one particular RV type, the travel trailer.

Travel trailers are towable RVs that use a bumper pull hitch, the kind that stick out behind your tow vehicle. This is one of many reasons campers choose travel trailers over other RV options, so take a look at some of the other benefits to decide if they’re what you’re looking for. Then stop by our location near Fort Worth, Nacogdoches, and Lufkin, Texas and we’ll show you around some of the models we have available right now.


If you’re struggling to narrow down your options in general, then the travel trailer market might be your best option. This is because they come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and prices so you won’t be limited by the standards of the group. The standards of the group are always changing and expanding. There are no limits. You can get an ultralight, smaller trailer that will make it easy and efficient for one or two campers to explore hard to reach places of the country without giving up a comfortable place to sleep every night. If you’re traveling with a bigger family, then there are bigger models for you to choose from that come with more sleeping arrangements, more interior space, and often more luxurious amenities. Just come with a list of needs and wants and we’ll help you find the model you’re looking for.

Towing Capabilities

We mentioned that travel trailers use a bumper pull hitch. The reason this is important is because bumper pull hitches are uniquely designed to be compatible with just about any type of tow vehicle. Unlike some other towable RVs, you can use any vehicle that can handle the weight, whether that’s a truck, SUV, or even a minivan. But note that the key phrase there is “handle the weight.” You don’t want to use a tow vehicle that will be overwhelmed by the trailer, so make sure the towing limitations of your vehicles aren’t going to create a problem for you. But knowing this might be able to help you avoid an extra vehicle purchase.


In general, travel trailers won’t be the kind of maintenance hassle that you might experience with other RVs. This is especially true when you compare them to rigs with drivetrains. There’s no engine or complex mechanical fixes in your future, outside of what you’d need for the tow vehicle (which can double as a commuter vehicle anyway). Travel trailers also generally aren’t as big as some of the other RV types, so there’s simply fewer moving parts to worry about. You’ll still have to stay on top of general maintenance, but you probably won’t have to go in for major repairs nearly as often, and they probably won’t be as expensive.


Speaking of saving money, it’s true that travel trailers come with a wide range of price tags and some of them can get a bit spendy, but in general they’re the cheaper option, especially if you aim small and look for used models. This is on top of the general savings that RV owners get when they forgo the hotels and expensive attractions. If you know you’re going to use it well, then your trailer should pay for itself in the long run.

These cover some of the basics, but there are plenty of other reasons to invest in a travel trailer. Just stop by Athens RV and ask one of our staff or one of the enthusiastic RV owners why you should take the time to explore some of these models. We proudly serve Fort Worth, Nacogdoches, and Lufkin, TX.

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