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Important Safety Equipment for your Travel Trailer

Important Safety Equipment for your Travel Trailer Articles from Athens RV

When it comes to your family’s safety, there should be no doubt that you have all your safety equipment inspected and ready to go. From your fire extinguisher to your surge protectors, the simple things can save you and your family many headaches in the lifetime of your Travel Trailer. Located in Athens, TX near Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Longview, Tyler, Fort Worth, Houston, and Dallas, Texas, Athens RV’s staff is ready to assist you with any problems you may have with your Travel Trailer or equipment.



Fire Extinguishers

In the tight confines of a travel trailer, fire can spread with frightening speed. Having fire extinguishers charged and accessible can save your trailer, or your life. It’s recommended that you have at least one Class B or Class C fire extinguisher within 24” of the door (so you can make a quick exit) however it’s also a good idea to keep one near the galley. It’s also important to know how to use your fire extinguisher, because in the event of a fire you won’t have time to read the directions. You can always fall back on the old acronym: P.A.S.S: Pull the safety pin on the extinguisher, Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire, Squeeze the lever below the handle, and Sweep back and forth.

Trailer Brake Controller

Driving with a trailer in tow can be a big adjustment for some folks, especially when it comes to slowing down and stopping. Trailer brakes don’t respond the same way that your truck’s brakes do, but you can give yourself an extra edge with a trailer brake controller. These devices can help to sync your trailer and truck brakes for a more reliable, and quicker response time. A trailer brake controller isn’t a substitute for smart driving practices, but they can give you an edge in a quick stopping situation and help newer drivers get more comfortable with a load in tow.

Surge Protector

Your travel trailer may have some awesome electronics on board, so it would be a shame if a faulty power box at a campsite was to short out your whole system. You can protect your RV’s electronics from a power surge with a surge protector. These devices are designed to stand up to the elements, and will stow away right alongside your standard power cord.

Tire Pressure Monitor

With a trailer in tow, you’ve got a lot more to worry about in terms of tire care and maintenance.You can save yourself plenty of time and effort by setting up a tire pressure monitoring system. These devices give you real time feedback on your tires, alerting you to changes in pressure, imbalance, and potential leaks. Having one of these set up in your truck can let you know if you pick up a nail on the road, or help you avoid an imminent blowout.

Emergency Radio and Charger

Emergency Radios can be a foundational part of any travellers emergency kit. If bad weather knocks out your power, these devices tap you into lifesaving information sources, and if you get stranded with no charge on your phone, a few minutes of hand cranked power will let you make that call for help. These devices typically integrate other great safety features as well, such as emergency flashers, and flashlights so you can get plenty of utility out of a single, affordable device.

Whether you’re looking to get an emergency radio and charger for those bad times that happen on the road or you’re interested in a tire pressure monitor to ensure you have the perfect tire pressure throughout your entire trip, Athens RV has the solution to your safety issue. Our RV dealership is located in Athens, TX near Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Longview, Tyler, Fort Worth, Houston, and Dallas, Texas and proudly assists any customer that drives on our lot. Don’t have the time right now, just give us a call or email to let us know your questions.

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