Tips for Using Your RV as a Guest House During the Holidays

The holidays are here! How are you celebrating with your loved ones? If you’re hosting any of the holidays, and the travel is cost prohibitive for family members coming from out of town, consider using your RV as a guest house. Here are some tips to make the process easy and enjoyable for everyone!

RV as a Guest House

Helps Save Money

Let’s face it: hotels are pricey – after all, more affordable traveling is one reason you ended up buying a new or used RV in the first place. But overnight expenses are a legitimate reason why some family members may not be able to make the trip. However, using your RV as a guest house can be a lovely and generous gesture for loved ones who may feel financially strapped.

Helps Save Your Sanity

Okay, real talk: another perk of using your RV as a guest house is that it literally gives everyone their own corner to retreat to at the end of the night (or in the middle of the afternoon, if everyone just needs a solid nap). Sometimes that personal space is all that’s needed to help buffer extended family stays. You can have your own room and house at the end of the day, and your guests can be comfortable…somewhere else. Even if it’s in your driveway.

Getting Your RV Ready for Guests

A few quick and easy preparations in your RV can transform it into a fun holiday guest cottage – and your family members will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and care! Here are a few ideas that don’t take long at all:

  • Stash extras: leave extra toilet paper in the bathroom, paper towels in the kitchen, and a box of facial tissue in the living room and bedroom. These simple extras will go a long way and help your guests out!
  • All-over tidy: quickly vacuum all floors and wipe down surfaces in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.
  • Fresh fluff: place a stack of fresh linens in the bathroom and freshly laundered sheets on the beds.

RV as a Guest House

Next, make their stay merry and bright. These festive ideas are simple and will brighten up the room:

  • A few holiday classics on DVD in the living room and a string of holiday lights in the windows make it feel a lot like home
  • A festive candle in the kitchen and a holiday throw blanket on the sofa are quick decorating touches
  • If your guests include children, leave a package of window-cling jellies and ask them to make the windows fancy

RV as a Guest House

Lastly, stash some snacks in the kitchen and pantry that will help make your guests feel welcome. A few suggestions include:

  • Coffee, tea, hot cocoa and apple cider mix packets in the pantry. Instant oatmeal and granola bars also make quick grab-and-go breakfast options!
  • Leave milk, cream, and orange juice in the fridge.
  • Leave an electric kettle on the kitchen counter along with sugar and sugar substitutes for the coffee and tea. A small fruit basket with some fresh seasonal citrus will be irresistible!

RV as a Guest House

These tips for using your RV as a guest house are easy to do and make your RV an inviting, hospitable place for your loved ones to stay. Contact us today. We can help with any RV maintenance needed to get it ready for guests!

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