Tailgating in Your RV

Fall is well underway and for many red-blooded Americans, that means it’s football season. The celebrations of your team’s wins and mournings of its losses are often done amongst fellow fans who share in your joy and anguish. A popular way for sports fans of all stripes to gather together is with a tailgating party. But did you realize that you can take your trusty RV that you’ve spent the summer adventuring in and turn it into the perfect tailgating headquarters for all of your game attendances?

An RV is the perfect tailgating vehicle because it has a kitchen, a bathroom, temperature controls and a TV at the ready, so you can entertain your guests before, during and after the game and ensure their comfort at every turn.

To help you plan the perfect party, your friends here at Athens RV have created this guide to tailgating in your RV. Come talk to us if you have any questions!

Plan Ahead

First, make sure that your RV is serviced and ready to go. You don’t want to run out of fuel or have some appliance break down because it wasn’t properly maintained. You’ll also need to clean things up and make more space inside for folding chairs around your TV. Fill up your freshwater tank so you have access to enough water. Make a shopping list of everything you think you’ll need, from potato chips to trash bags to sunscreen and get your shopping done a few days in advance so that you have time to evaluate and go back for something you’ve forgotten.

Meal Preparation

Food is an essential component of any good party, and a tailgating event is no different. Thanks to your RV, you’ve got a fridge, freezer, stove, oven and microwave at the ready, so you can cook pretty much anything! Use your slow cooker to prepare Vienna sausages in barbeque sauce, heat up chili con queso in the microwave, bake some cookies, warm a platter of nachos and cut up vegetables to serve with various dips. Fill a cooler with ice and add canned sodas, bottled water and beer for your guests. You can do a lot of your meal preparation ahead of time at home, too, or you can ask guests to contribute dishes potluck-style to save yourself some time and effort.


A party also requires decorations and you can easily and cheaply gussy up your RV accordingly. Make paper garlands or buy crepe paper in your team’s colors to hang up inside and outside your RV. Colorful LED light strings are another option. A few fleece throws printed with your team’s logo on the couch or on folding chairs outside will let people warm up if it gets chilly. Colored paper plates and napkins add a fun touch, too.

Practical Considerations

Safety and hygiene are important things to consider. Make sure that you’ve got a few fire extinguishers and a first-aid it handy in case of an emergency. If you want to make cleaning up easier, you can set out recycling containers and trash bags in a portable trash bin outside of your RV to avoid mess, then have a hand-washing station on a table using a water dispenser, a soap pump, paper towels and a bucket to catch the waste water (use it to wash your car later).

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