Safety Equipment for Your Fifth Wheel

Safety Equipment for Your Fifth Wheel Articles from Athens RV

Enjoying a great camping trip is achieved best with a fifth wheel—a vehicle that can be taken to a campsite that features great residential appliances, features, and amenities. You might enjoy taking these RVs to something as extravagant as a resort, or maybe you prefer the simple bond with nature you experience while boondocking.

No matter what your vacation style is though, you’ll need to equip your fifth wheel with all the important implements that keep you safe from harm while on the road and at the campsite. This short guide from Athens RV lists a few devices that you’ll need before departing on your next journey, but if you have any questions or need service and parts, come visit us at our dealership in Athens, near Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Longview, Tyler, Fort Worth, Houston, and Dallas, Texas.

Smoke Detectors

There are plenty of things in and around your RV that could spark a flame, whether that be the propane systems, burners on your grill, or campfire. To prepare for any emergencies, you should have some smoke detectors, fire alarms, and liquid propane detectors installed throughout your fifth wheel. The bigger your RV is, the more you should have, making sure that there’s one in every large room and one close to the bedrooms.

Fire Extinguishers

Along with smoke detectors, you’ll also want to be sure there are a few fire extinguishers in your RV. With larger models like a fifth wheel, you’ll want one in the kitchen, one outside (in case fire spreads from the campfire), and probably one further back in your RV near the bedrooms. No matter where you put them, make sure you always have a fire extinguisher easily accessible no matter where you are in your fifth wheel.

Emergency Equipment

Anytime you leave home, it’s very important to have emergency equipment with you. This includes a first aid kit, because you obviously need bandages and other medical supplies in case there’s some sort of minor emergency. Along with the first aid kit, we recommend bringing along a roadside emergency kit, which includes basic tools to help you out with small mechanical emergencies. For instance, it might include a jack and wrench so you can do simple tasks like replace a tire. Also, these packages frequently come with first aid supplies, so you might be able to kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a good one.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

These give you updates on your tire pressure by the minute, which means you’ll notice any loss in pressure before it can become a problem. If you don’t want to purchase one of these, at least buy a tire pressure gauge, which are cheap devices that you can quickly use to check each tire individually. However, if you elect for one of these simpler tools, make sure you’re checking the pressure before the trip, then stopping every couple hours to check it along the way.

A fifth wheel adventure can be one of the most exciting journeys you’ll ever have, but you don’t want it to be “exciting” because of some horrible emergency. Instead, make sure you’re prepared with all of these devices and tools, and if you still have other questions, feel free to come talk to us at Athens RV. We’re located near Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Fort Worth, and Dallas, Texas, and also serve customers from Houston, and we’ll gladly help you out with any parts or service you might need before your next trip.

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