RV Tips for Spring Break: Make the Most of It!

Spring is here, and Spring Break is right around the corner! Do you have plans to travel with your family in your new or used RV? Make the most of your Spring Break week and make unforgettable memories with our RV tips for Spring Break below.

RV Tips

Consider Your Budget

Spring Break may be the first of many camping trips you take this year, so start off on a good foot! Consider the things you really want to prioritize when thinking about your budget for the trip and make your plans accordingly. Do you want to stay in a premium location or are you better off in a smaller campground with a short commute to the things you want to see and do? How about meals? Do you want to save some money by cooking your own food or do you want to devote a larger portion of your budget to eating out at favorite restaurants? Are the activities you want to enjoy free or low cost (like spending 8 hours toasting on the beach) or will you need to set aside money for gear rentals like kayaks?

RV Tips

Take a look at your priorities and the money you have to spend. Maybe you want to stay in a cheaper location, drive a short ways to the beach, and save your money for fantastic restaurants. Or maybe you want to stay in a hot spot, cook your own meals, and spend the day shopping. Adjust for the things you can live without so you can spend your money on the things you gotta have.

RV Tips

Speaking of Money…

Take cash with you. Sure, debit and credit cards are convenient and accepted nearly universally. But having an emergency cash stash can see you through if you lose your card or are in a cash-only location.

RV Tips

Plan for the Climate

When you say “Spring Break,” most people do think sunshine and beaches. But wherever you head, the destination climate is usually pretty different than what you’re already in. Don’t just pack clothes for the destination, pack your sunscreen, lip balm, hats, and other gear that protect your skin. Pack extra clothes if you anticipate getting wet (rain or water activities) and stay hydrated no matter where you go.

RV Tips

Prep Your RV

If your Spring Break trip is the first trip of the year for you, contact us for some RV service before you go. We can help make sure your new or used RV is just as ready for the road as you are. Happy trails!

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