Maintaining your Travel Trailer

Tips For Maintaining your Travel Trailer from Athens RV

RVs aren’t just made to be comfortable, they’re meant to heighten your experience of the outdoors! But they’re not going to be very comfortable and the experience won’t be that great if some part starts malfunctioning while you’re out there! Imagine the inconvenience of a stuck slide out, the frustration of a broken ventilation system, or the pure discomfort of mold or wood rot growth. These are all incredibly undesirable outcomes while you’re trying to enjoy a vacation, so instead take a few easy steps to keep your travel trailer in good shape.



This guide will show you how simple this maintenance really is, but if you run into a more complicated issue, feel free to bring your RV into our parts and service department at Athens RV. We’re near Nacogdoches and Lufkin, right here in Athens, and we also serve customers from Fort Worth, Dallas, Longview, Tyler, and Houston, Texas.

Inspect the Seals

Remember that seals are important for keeping out moisture and extra heat. Once these things start to crack and break down, there won’t be anything blocking air and water from making it’s way into your travel trailer. To avoid this, check regularly for any signs of wear on these parts. If they’re peeling, rotting, or cracking then replace them right away. We recommend having a spare set on you, or simply bring it into our service department when they need to be switched out!

Keep an Eye on the Ventilation System

The ventilation doesn’t just keep you comfortable. It also keeps you dry! When you’re using it, make sure you always keep fans running when you shower, and leave the window open while you’re cooking or running the sink. You don’t want extra condensation to get trapped within your RV’s walls, so do everything you can to keep it well ventilated. Also, when storing it, don’t completely block the interior off. You should leave a vent open and just cover them with vent covers during the off season. That way, nothing will get damaged, and you’ll still prevent moisture from getting in and ruining your travel trailer’s interior.

Check those Tires

You won’t get your travel trailer very far if you don’t have good tires! Just like on your car, you’ll want to keep an eye on their condition, checking the pressure and condition regularly. Keep in mind, it’s actually even more important to make sure you RV’s tires are good quality, because if a trailer has a blowout on the highway, you’ll be hard-pressed to keep it from straying off to the shoulder. We recommend getting a tire pressure gauge and checking each one at every stop. Also, look for punctures and general deterioration, and if you notice this, make sure to get them changed out before you take a long trip.

Lubricating Slide Outs

One more important thing to consider is your slide outs. Since these things add so much space, and in turn make your camping experience much more convenient, you’ll want to make sure they’re sliding properly. You can keep them moving by simply applying a silicone based spray lubricant on the runners and rails. We recommend doing this every six months, or after you’ve kept the travel trailer in storage for more than a couple weeks.

Because you love your travel trailer so much, small maintenance tasks certainly aren’t something you can ignore. Keep it functioning both at the campsite and in the long haul by keeping it ventilated, lubricating the slide outs, and performing any other small repairs you’re comfortable with. When you run into more involved mechanical issues though, bring it on in to our service and parts departments at Athens RV! We proudly serve customers from Nacogdoches and Lufkin, and we also help RV enthusiasts from Fort Worth, Longview, Tyler, houston, and Dallas, at our dealership in Athens, Texas.

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