How to Get Better Sleep in Your RV

Traveling in your recreational vehicle, whether you’re heading to a campsite near a beloved national park or to visit family in another state, is affordable, comfortable and rewarding. But it can sometimes have its drawbacks. You may notice that it’s sometimes a trial to get to sleep in a crowded campground or noisy area with new sensations and different weather patterns and unexpected sounds.

You need to get a good night’s sleep while you’re traveling, so you’ll have to implement some strategies in order to make for a more restful environment. Athens RV, serving Texas, is proud to be your local RV dealer. Read our list of tips below to get a better night’s sleep in your RV, no matter where you’re traveling.

Get a New Mattress & Bedding

The factory-installed mattress on your RV may be causing you a whole host of problems that lead to unrefreshing sleep or chronic insomnia. It’s probably not the highest-quality mattress out there, so it may not feel comfortable and could even leave you sore in the morning. Upgrading your mattress can allow you to find something of the proper firmness and comfort levels that are similar to your mattress at home.

You may also want to upgrade your sheets and pillows to something nicer and higher in quality. Low thread-count sheets can feel scratchy if you’re used to higher thread-count sheets. Cotton sheets may not be warm enough, so you may want to get flannel instead. Flat pillows won’t support your neck very well. A thin blanket may not provide you with the warmth you need from a down comforter.

Adjust Temperature & Humidity

The environment of your RV can also impact your sleep levels. If the air is too clammy, you can feel uncomfortable and sticky; if it’s too dry, it can leave you with a dry mouth and flaky skin. Fortunately, a dehumidifier or a humidifier can resolve the humidity levels and allow you to sleep within the comfortable 30% to 50% range that people are accustomed to. If you travel in dry climates, go with the humidifier to increase ambient humidity. If you’re in wet weather a lot, a dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air to help you feel cooler.

Make use of your RV’s heater or furnace for warmth in the winter and use air-conditioning units in the summer to keep the bedroom cool. You can also add space heaters or fans to your bedroom to keep that room more temperate than the rest of the rig.

Invest in Sleep-Friendly Accessories

A few accessories can help to improve your sleep further. Blackout curtains on your bedroom windows will block out streetlamps, camp lights and the sun to keep the room dim. A sleeping mask will shut out the remainder of the light. Earplugs can blot out sound emanating from surrounding campers, as can a white-noise machine. Using essential oils may help to calm you before bed; many people opt for lavender to assist with sleep. Drinking herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint tea may also help to soothe you so that you can fall asleep more quickly.

Hopefully, these tips help you to find some rest while you’re out in your camper. Still don’t have the RV of your dreams? Come see us at our location in Athens, Texas, to check out our full stock of new and used RVs for sale by many leading brands. We offer financing and trade-in options to help you get the RV you want. Athens RV proudly serves the cities of Tyler and Longview, Texas.

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