Cooking in Your RV

Cooking in Your RV Article from Athens RV

Of all the prep steps on your pre-camping checklist, there’s nothing that’s going to absorb as much of your attention as food. After all, it dictates a lot of your day when you’re at home. The same goes for your vacations. But cooking in an RV can be stressful and difficult, so you’ll want to get creative with some of your cooking methods and plans. Athens RV has provided a list of ways to make cooking in your RV more manageable.

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Stovetop and Oven Alternatives

While the stovetop and oven are staples of any kitchen, an RV stovetop is often limited for burners and an oven can really heat up the rest of the rig, which is a real bummer in the summer. Sometimes, adjusting your cooking strategy means looking to other appliances for help.

Slow Cookers

Slow cookers are a great way to free up space and time. Simply throw a few ingredients in and walk away until dinner time. They also can make meats incredibly tender and juicy, so you may want to use this just to simply enjoy a good slow cooker recipe.

Use the Microwave

While most people use microwaves to quickly heat up cold food and drinks, you can use your microwave to cook a number of great recipes, from main entrees to side dishes to even delectable desserts. A quick internet search can expand your microwaving horizons in the best way possible.


Camping is all about outdoor fun, so why should that stop when dinner time rolls around? Fire up the grill and throw on delicious meats, veggies, and other grilling staples. This can also keep people out of the RV and prevent body heat from raising the interior temperature right before bed time.

Keep your Area Clean

A great way to make cooking easier is to create a less stressful environment for you. Rather than fighting to find counter space, clean up your areas as you go. When you’re done with a particular ingredient, put it away. If you’re waiting for water to boil, look around and get rid of things you’re no longer using. This will help free up some space for you and hopefully make cooking a little easier.

How to Avoid Cooking

Sometimes the best way to make cooking less stressful is to avoid it as much as possible.

Freeze Pre-Made Meals

While this will involve some cooking, prepping your meals at home can let you have tasty home-cooked meals in an area where you’ll have more space and more supplies. And this way, you’ll just have to reheat your meal in the oven or microwave with very little extra work.


Never throw away leftover food. Even though you’ll be tight on fridge space, leftovers can make for a great easy lunch or dinner. You might even be able to combine some leftovers with a new recipe for a subsequent meal (like sausage from dinner into a yummy breakfast scramble).

Eat Out

And of course, there’s always leaving the RV altogether and eating at a restaurant. This may not be as healthy as a home cooked meal, but it can be a lot easier for you. Find some local hotspots or fun diners to get an authentic taste of the region you’re in.

All this talk of food is making us hungry. The next time you head out to get a bite to eat, consider stopping by Athens RV to have a friendly camping chat with one of our professionals. We can give you personal tips and show you around the RV models we have right now in case you’re still looking for the perfect rig. We welcome all current and future RV owners from Athens, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Longview, Houston, and Dallas, Texas.

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