Beat the Heat: 6 RV Tips for Staying Cool

Fall temperatures may be arriving for lots of people around the country, but you know in Texas the summertime heat stays around for quite awhile! Here are a few RV tips for staying cool as August winds down and September rolls in.

Drive Time & Set Up

One of the best ways you can take it easy on your towing engine, prevent overheating, and have a cooler setting-up experience is to drive during the cool of the day. Early morning, late afternoon, and early evening hours are best for both driving to your destination as well as setting up once you’re there.

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Arriving at your campsite in the middle of the day? Unload and set up only what you have to. Unloading outdoor gear, setting up picnic tents and hammocks, etc. can wait until the sun starts to sink behind the trees.

Feeling Shady

Speaking of the trees, try to pick or reserve a campsite with a good shade covering. There are a lot of campground amenities and features to consider when picking your campsite, but having trees surround you helps block and absorb extra sunlight. The payoff? Lowering the temperature around your new or used RV by several degrees.

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Also, parking near a source of water like a lake, creek, or pond can help bring in a cool breeze off the water!

No-Bake Meals

When you’re planning your camp meals, pick stuff that can be eaten cold, like cold-cut sandwiches and salads. If you do need to cook something, one easy way to avoid heating up the kitchen every single time is to use a travel-size slow cooker (or Instant Pot).

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Keep Sun Exposure Down

Things are hottest between 10 AM and 2 PM. Stay indoors during this time or pick indoor, air-conditioned activities to see and enjoy, like museums or indoor recreation (think rock climbing gyms or escape rooms!). Save your outdoor activities – like going swimming, biking, or taking a nature hike – for early mornings and late afternoons.

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Chilling Out

A few smart packable items can help keep you cool and dry all day! Quick-dry clothing wicks away sweat and moisture – you’ll be surprised at how effective it is at helping you stay cool. Utilize an electric fan outdoors at the picnic table. Nothing beats a nice steady breeze (plus, it will blow away flies and ants). 

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And finally, stay hydrated. It’s the #1 way to help keep your body from overheating. Aim to drink at least 3 to 4 16 oz. of water a day. And if you bring your fur baby along, nothing helps them out like adding some ice chunks to their water dish. It’ll slowly melt, keeping their water fresh and cool.

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Dual-ing ACs

Did you know that many of our new and used RVs for sale are loaded with dual AC units? This is a fantastic feature to consider if you’re RV shopping in Texas because it helps the entire cabin stay cool all day (and all night!). We can help you pick out the perfect unit that will help your entire family stay cool, so stop in or contact us today!

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