Activities To Do In Your RV

Sure, your RV provides you with roomy and comfortable accommodations on all your camping trips. But camping isn’t the only thing you can do with an RV. Because RVs are so versatile, they can be turned to many purposes that you might not have thought of, from parties to retreats to concerts. Hosting events and traveling to festivals are a few more of the activities that can be made much easier when you use your RV. Athens RV is here to give you the scoop on some great activities you can do in your RV besides camping. Come to our dealership to get some more ideas and see our selection of great RVs for sale.

Attend A Festival

No matter what time of year it is or where you are in the country, there’s bound to be a nearby festival for you to attend. If it’s a few hours’ drive away and you really want to immerse yourself in the experience, take your RV with you. You may be able to park near the festival and boondock (camp without power and water hookups) or find a nearby campsite with hookups to stay at for the festival’s duration. Having your accommodations near the festival saves you money on a hotel and using your RV will be more comfortable and secure than staying in a tent. You’ll have a place to cook and bathe and retreat to when you’re overwhelmed or tired.

Many cities host Oktoberfests and other cultural festivals, and there are arts & crafts fairs all over the nation, even in small towns. If music is your thing, you can head to Lollapalooza in Chicago or SXSW in Austin to see great lineups of popular bands. Just make sure that you book a campsite well in advance if you need one, since they’ll likely fill up quickly!

Follow Your Favorite Band

On that music note (no pun intended), if you have a favorite band that’s touring a region and you want to see them in multiple cities, your RV will come in handy here, too. Instead of trying to book rooms in each city, bring your RV and park near or even at the venue so you have a place to get ready for the show. You could follow a band for only a few stops and then head home, or see them at many different venues! It’s up to you.

Go On A Creative Retreat

Your RV gives you the ability to head out into the middle of nowhere, and while that’s usually done for camping purposes, you could also do this as a sort of creative retreat. If you have hobbies that you want to practice away from the distractions of fast-paced modern life, then pack up your paints, notebooks, wood-carving tools, camera, yoga mat or whatever other tools you need for your hobby and head out into nature! Spend some time by a lake writing, painting a landscape, meditating, composing music, taking pictures or whatever it is that catches your fancy and makes your heart soar. Go back to your RV in the evening to cook a nice meal and get some rest so you can get right back to your creative pursuits the next day!

Host A Party

Your RV can also be the address for a great party. This could be a tailgating party in the parking lot for a football game or the headquarters for a fun dance party in the woods. You can have a peaceful gathering watching movies or playing video games, or you can host a potluck at the park on a sunny day. The type of party is up to you, but you and your guests will be happy to have a full kitchen and bathroom on hand wherever you go.

If you need an RV for camping or for any of the other purposes we outlined above, you’ll want to visit our Athens dealership today. We carry a wide array of new and used RVs in many styles for sale so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your budget and meets your needs. Athens RV serves the cities of Tyler, Longview, Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas, as well as the wider Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas.

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