A Guide to Travel Trailer Living

Even if you only like the occasional trip, living for a time in your travel trailer can provide you with a lot of great memories and experiences, but if you’re not properly prepared it can leave a pretty stressful and negative impression. There are a lot of things you’ll learn along the way, but there are some tips we here at Athens RV can give you right now to help get you started. Let us know if they’re helpful or if you need additional advice, and stop by your local travel trailer dealership near Fort Worth, Nacogdoches, and Lufkin, Texas.

Get the Right Tow Vehicle

Before you even think about your first camping trips, you’ll want to make sure you have all the right gear to stay healthy and safe, starting with the right tow vehicle. All travel trailers are towable RVs, which means you’ll need another smaller vehicle to transport it from one place to the next. Luckily, travel trailers come with a bumper pull hitch which means they’re technically compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from trucks to SUVs and even minivans.

The bigger concern is whether or not your tow vehicle is going to be able to handle the extra weight. If any part of your mobile unit is overwhelmed by another part, it can create dangerous problems for you on the road. This means understanding your Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR), which gives you the total maximum amount of weight you’ll be able to haul, including tow vehicle, RV, passengers, and cargo. Make sure your tow vehicle’s GCWR allows for the size of your travel trailer (and don’t cut it close!).


Even though you’ll probably have lots of room inside your trailer to stay comfortable, a dirty trailer can start to feel very cramped and uncomfortable, very quickly. Start with the outside by regularly washing your trailer, such as after every major trip and before and after you put it in storage for the winter (if that’s something you do). Make sure to use gentle products and you might even want to add some shinier touches like tire and rim cleaner.

On the inside, try to keep things clean as you go and avoid leaving messes lying about. You won’t have a lot of spare room anyway, so taking up what little bit you do have with clutter can make your travel trailer uninviting.

Upgrading your Travel Trailer

As great as the features that come with your travel trailer can be, sometimes some simple upgrades can make camping life even more enjoyable. Consider switching out some of your bulbs for LEDs to save energy and see better. This could be inside the RV or outside with your turn signals and brake lights. If you’re more of a boondocker and need alternative power sources, consider solar panels.

You might also want to invest in tools to help protect your RV from incompatible hookups. Surge protectors manage the amount of electricity that gets funneled through your system and water pressure regulators make sure the water pressure provided at your campsite won’t overwhelm your pipes.

Day-to-Day Life

Life in your travel trailer may be mostly similar to life in a stationary home except you’re going to need to think and act more efficiently. You don’t have the same kind of space and freedom that you would in a bigger home, so try to consolidate your supplies as much as possible. Limit the number of clothes and luxury items you bring with you, and if you’re struggling to find a home for an item, either don’t bring it with you or try to downsize. Also be mindful of how much cooking you do, as it can heat up the interior and you won’t have as much fridge space to work with.

Over time, you’ll pick up more and more tips that work for you. Or maybe you’ll try something that another RV owner swears up and down by, but it’s not as effective for you. In the end, it’ll probably be a lot of trial and error, so keep your mind open to change and adaptations. If you still need the right RV to travel in, stop by Athens RV to check out some travel trailers for sale in your area. We proudly serve Fort Worth, Nacogdoches, and Lufkin, TX.

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