4 Gas Mileage Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

One reason thousands of families enjoy traveling in a new or used RV is it gives them greater freedom and flexibility over traveling in more conventional ways. And it’s one of the most affordable ways to travel. Still, if you’re feeling the pinch at the pump, you might be looking for ways to save money on gas. Here are a few gas mileage hacks to save money on your next vacation!

Gas Mileage Hacks

Get Road-Ready

Before you even leave the driveway, make sure your RV is freshly serviced and ready to go! Long stays in storage can impact your RV’s fuel economy by making the engine overcompensate. Scheduling a quick and routine RV service with our service department can get things like batteries recharged, air filters cleaned, and tires re-pressurized. All of those things can make a remarkable difference on the mileage you’re getting with every gallon. Be sure to regularly check the tire pressure and make adjustments as necessary once you’re on the road, as rapid changes in atmosphere or climates can affect the pressure.

No Need for Speed

Rapid or unsteady acceleration is hard on vehicles – especially when coming out of full stops. Gently easing out of stops (don’t floor it!) and maintaining steady speeds will increase your fuel efficiency. Use overdrive and cruise control when you can.

Lose Packing Weight

The more you pack, the heavier your RV will be – and that means decreased fuel economy. Try to pack less or substitute lightweight versions of the necessity. And one thing you can do to substantially decrease the weight is to travel with only the amount of fresh water you need to make it to your destination or first stop. Refill once you arrive. Don’t pack your own firewood, either. It’s unnecessarily heavy and many states have ordinances or restrictions about bringing firewood across state lines anyway.

Adventure Close to Home

One way you can maximize your fuel economy is by picking destinations that are relatively closer to home. Not only will you save money on fuel, but you’ll also save time on the road, allowing for more time at your destination. Think about it: a 10-day vacation that requires at least four days of traveling gives you only six days of fun. But if you can pick something that’s a half-day’s drive away at most, you can spend less time and money driving there and nine full days enjoying the actual destination.

Ready to start saving money on gas in your new or used RV this year? We’re a phone call away. Contact us today!

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